A Speedy Send-Off

  Friday, August 30, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Winding down our mini-vacation, we all piled into Brian F. and Amanda's car for a trip into Bar Harbor.  It was the perfect day for basking in the sunshine at Agamont Park, admiring the boats in the harbor, beach combing, and enjoying a tasty treat at Mount Dessert Island Ice Cream.  Bar Harbor was hopping with tourists and we had no difficulty relaxing amidst the bustle. The grand finale to our spectacular day was our chauffeur back to Trenton, ME.  Steve C. met us at the town dock with his powerboat and we joined Kim and Mrs K. aboard for the very scenic ride back.  It was FAST!  Kim provided a great historical tour along the way since she and Steve C. are both originally from this area.  Steve C. even made a stop at Bartlett Island where the guys had a stone skipping competition while the gals searched for treasures. It was difficult to part ways the following morning, but as we slowly packed our belongings and tidied the guest house we all agreed that the next mini-vacation should take place in the Caribbean...

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  1. From Emily on Aug 30, 2013
    YAY! Can't wait for Caribbean vacation :)!