Weather Window OPEN! and Crew Scheduled to Arrive

  Wednesday, November 6, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

The time has arrived and we are totally ready to put on our sailing pants and GO! This time next week we'll be sitting in the sunny Abacos, Bahamas with rum punches in hand, sand on our toes, and fresh fish for dinner. Don't worry, I'll send along plenty of photos to rub it, I mean to share our experience at these new (for us) set of Bahamaian islands. Our friend, BMac, has enthusiastically volunteered to join us for this offshore passage. We're happy to welcome him aboard! BMac got acquainted with Rode Trip last year while during our visit in Annapolis, MD he took the helm without hesitation. This will be our first time with crew aboard for an extended, offshore trip and we're looking forward to extra hours of sleep, flawless sail changes, and swabbed decks from this greenhorn. Ok, I don't want BMac jumping overboard before we arrive! Brian and I have selected our weather with BMac in mind with hopes that we'll have a smooth sail. We'll review safety, use of VHF, use of radar (we'll all be getting a crash course in the newly installed AIS), basic windvane and sail adjustment, charting and log book entries, and very important use of the composting head. Certainly it won't be all business, but our goal will be for BMac to experience the ocean safely and to participate in whatever aspects of cruising he is comfortable. Wish us luck!


  1. From Marilyn M on Nov 09, 2013
    May your crossing be as wonderful as both of you are!

  2. From Mary Tallent on Nov 08, 2013
    Good Luck, Happy Sailing!

  3. From Ann Landau on Nov 07, 2013
    We wish you a very safe and enjoyable trip! Looking forward to your next post!

  4. From Aunt Margaret on Nov 07, 2013
    Have a safe trip!

  5. From Frank and Ems on Nov 07, 2013
    Go Rode Trip, Go! Safe travels!

  6. From Diane Metcalf on Nov 06, 2013
    Safe Travels