The Trip that Went South: New Genoa on the Horizon

  Monday, November 18, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

The night went smoothly and we managed to get some sleep between watches after taking down the ever-flogging main sail. Rode Trip was making minimal headway by mid-morning; the wind remained shifty at 0-5 knots although with the main down we were somehow moving 1-2.3 knots. It was time to bring out the big guns! We let down the jib and secured it on deck while still hanked onto the stay. Out came our new, lightweight genoa which we hanked onto the stay above the jib. This way if we needed to swap sails in a pinch (which nobody predicted) we'd have our jib ready to go. We fastened the starboard genoa sheet to the spinnaker pole and set the pole. Then, hoisted the genoa. This big, beautiful sail caught any loose wind and powered us forward. It was glorious! We took down the staysail; providing BMac with a good lesson at flaking. Within the hour after hoisting the new genoa, the wind increased to 10-15 knots and we had a fantastic downwind sail. Rode Trip cruised at 5.5 knots for approximately two hours. Alas, this was not the direction of our course. We'd been eyeing ports along the Georgia coastline and this downwind track would take us much farther into southern Florida. Down came the spinnaker pole. BMac sheeted in the genoa. We hoisted the staysail and full main and reset our course. The wind dwindled a bit once again but we were able to maintain 2.8 knots through the afternoon. While we sailed along, Brian and BMac developed a storyline for a cloud crab that BMac had spotted. The crab's name was Jermaine and "Oh!" was he a most adventurous cloud crab! I enjoyed the tale while filing my nails; can't neglect grooming even though I'm in the middle of the ocean! As night fell, so did the wind. We had plenty of time to admire the brilliantly shining stars in the cloudless sky. BMac counted 10 shooting stars; I hope all his wishes come true!


  1. From stephanie on Nov 18, 2013
    Ann, I must finally be getting used to the lingo of the sailing life. I'm so glad you are still following along! I hope you and Rich are well, I think of you often :)

  2. From Ann Landau on Nov 18, 2013
    It is remarkable how you two and now three have done all this work....and your increasing use of sailing terms is an education. Either thee are English words I do not know or they are words I know but applied in a different way. We wish you all the best and continued enjoyment in your life adventure...

  3. From stephanie on Nov 18, 2013
    Hooray! And you letting us know certainly keeps our spirits UP!

  4. From anthony baker on Nov 18, 2013
    Just so you inspire us old farts!