Sightseeing Savannah

  Monday, November 25, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

The staff at the Hinckley Boatyard were fabulous! We'd like to thank Amy, Bob, Colin, and Nancy for making us feel right at home and accommodating our every need while we were stranded in "Maintenanceville". But nobody really enjoys spending time at a boatyard, even a yard that has fabulous people. We had chosen Savannah because we'd never been there before and we were hoping to see the sights. During our first day at the dock, it was quite possibly the coldest day thus far this year by Georgia standards (the cold front we had out sailed had arrived). Bob stopped by bright and early to ask if we were warm enough, did we need to borrow a space heater? His keen, mechanical ear heard our forced hot air heater hard at work and we assured him that we were toasty warm below. How thoughtful! I think that we surprised Bob when we told him we were leaving our cozy cave and heading to Savannah for the day to explore. A short taxi ride brought us into downtown Savannah. We began our day on River Street near the Visitors' Center. We didn't really have a plan, just to meander along the streets and see what we could find. Savannah is beautiful; streets are lined with towering oaks streaming with Spanish moss and brick homes whose intricate, ironwork enclosed balconies overhang above the streets. Scattered throughout the historical district are historical squares; these contain monuments, fountains, etc. as tributes to Savannah's historical figures. We strolled through the squares, up side streets, down main streets, and along the river walk. Savannah River   River Street   World War II Monument   Greene Square - Maj.Gen. Nathaniel Greene Monument Forsyth Park Fountain Interactive Artwork at Forsyth Park   Roseway Schooner - this snowbird is "retired" from her home port of Rockland, ME.  She still looks fabulous ferrying tourists up the Savannah River.   1996 Olymic Monument   Waving Girl Monument - lighthouse keeper's sister, Florence Martus, who for 44 years waved to ships in Savannah's port. It was COLD! Our scenic exploration soon became a pub crawl. Hey, that's where the heat was, and we met some great people as we hopped from bar to bar sampling the local brews. Rumor has it that Savannah hosts quite the St. Paddy's Day bash; just imagine walking the streets with to-go cups! World of Beer...delicious!   The Sons of LIberty were also out on the town,  but they weren't spilling nearly as much beer as they had tea when they visited Boston.
Nothing like a few Irish tunes for a grand finale! We returned to the boatyard in the wee morning hours after a fantastic self-tour of Savannah.


  1. From stephanie on Nov 25, 2013
    Hi Mike! We had a blast in Savannah and were thrilled to meet you! Hopefully we can stay in touch. We're on the move once again so if you ever want a get-away let us know...

  2. From stephanie on Nov 25, 2013
    Jane, We'd love to spend more time exploring Cuba...never know where we'll end up! Glad you enjoyed the photos.

  3. From Michael Beym on Nov 25, 2013
    Was fabulous to meet such fun kind folk. Hope y'all are out up and running. If not, stay warm! Mike (sent you to mellow)

  4. From Jane Creteau on Nov 25, 2013
    Will you be returning to Cuba? The pictures were beautiful and there's so much to see.