What's the Story?

  Thursday, December 5, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

We've just returned to Rode Trip from our vacation in California. Yes, even though we live on a boat we can still take a vacation and it was glorious! But I haven't forgotten that you all are still reading. So, here's the story... We returned to St Marys, GA just in the nick of time. Santa was coming to town! We quickly unpacked our bags and strolled into town toward the sound of Christmas carols. Tiny, white, holiday lights were glistening through the treetops down the center lane of town. People were crowding the streets to get a glimpse of Santa Claus as he made his grand entrance. Down the lane trotted a horse drawn carriage carrying Santa and Mrs. Claus. Cheers erupted from the crowd and confetti burst into the air above our heads. Then, eyes following Santa, our gaze was turned to the Christmas tree at the end of the street and "Viola!" the tree was lit and applause filled the streets. Now, it's officially Christmas! We met with our friends, Scott & Kim (s/v Anthyllide), and returned to Rode Trip to swap stories about our previous week's adventures. So what's the story with our travel plans? Truth be told, as I write this to give you the scoop, we don't actually know! We're watching the weather, which is not promising for an offshore trip forecasting light, south winds for days. We're debating whether to motor down the Intracoastal Waterway to make tracks south and east or to sail east across the south winds for several days hoping the next front holds true so that we can drop south into the Bahamas either at Abacos or Eleuthera. This is not adventuring. This is cruising on a schedule. We're trying to make the most efficient trip, having limited time to arrive in Staniel Cay, Exumas to welcome our friends on December 20th. When we make a decision and/or land in a new destination I'll be sure to let you know!


  1. From stephanie on Dec 06, 2013
    Sorry no photos, Penny. I'll bet you can conjure up a good image of Santa Claus ;) We didn't know to expect him and hadn't thought to bring the camera along for our stroll...must have been the jet lag that we weren't thinking with our blogging minds!

  2. From Scott Kuhner on Dec 05, 2013
    Sorry, forgot to say that Bruno's Zoo is dock with four or five slips that he has next to his house on the canal off the ICW and he rents them to cruisers for a real cheap price. Also you can stay there until there is a good window to cross over the stream.

  3. From Scott Kuhner on Dec 05, 2013
    We are sorry we missed you as we were in St Marys by car last Saturday staying with an old (actually long time) cruising friend who we met in Tahiti back in 1972, Phil Hoysradt. If you continue south on the ICW, you should consider anchoring just south of the Flagler Memorial Bridge in West Palm Beach. You can anchor just off the docks and use them for your dinghy. Actually you can also bring your boat into the dock; but have to be off by midnight. Just across the street there is a free bus to Publix. Then when you get a good window, you can do as we do, leave Lake Worth Inlet at 11PM cross the stream at night, get on the banks just above Memory Rock first thing in the morning, and then continue on the Great Sail Cay. Then anchor for the night and the next day continue on to Green Turtle Cay to check in. However, now that I think of it, maybe you should continue on down the ICW to Ft Lauderdale and stay at Bruno's Zoo. Cal Bruno for a reservation (954) 463-6909. He only charges about $20 per night and it is very convenient. It is on a short canal off to the west just north of the Las Olas Bridge. Then the next day you should leave in the morning to cross the stream and hit the banks north of Bimini, continue on across the banks at night (no obstacles) and there are a couple of lights along the way to guide you. Then come off the banks near Chubb Cay and go on to Nassau. There you will want to take a slip at the Nassau Harbor Club and they will have customs meet you on the dock to check you in. From there it is an easy three day jog to Staniel Cay. (or you could have your friends meet you in Nassau.) Which brings me to a piece of advice that I give to all new cruising friends. "If you have friends that want to meet you while you are cruising, tell them that they can choose the time or the place; but, not both."

  4. From penny novak on Dec 05, 2013
    WHAT???? NO picture of Santa or the tree? DANG! TAlking to many boaters who are waiting the "weather window" in the states too.....Thompson Bay is very lonely.........LOVE your bog!