Squid Fishing Caribbean Style

  Monday, April 14, 2014 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

One of the many things we'd learned while cruising in Maine was that freshly caught squid are delicious! Down at Ragged Island, Bahamas at Southside Bay we began spotting squid and were very excited about the prospect of a fresh batch of calamari. Once, we startled a squid while zooming around in the dinghy. The squid jumped clear out of the water, over the top of the dinghy, and splattered the bow of the dinghy with gooey ink! We'd learned from Percy, a local of Duncan Town, that the squid season was just beginning and that the creatures frequented areas that had grassy bottoms. Rode Trip was anchored in the perfect location! The bottom of Southside Bay was all grass, with a few sandy patches in which to drop the hook. And so the hunt began... One evening, Brian and I had a light dinner in preparation for a late night snack. When darkness fell we turned on the spreader lights, got out the squid jig, and sat down to watch a movie and wait. Every few hours we'd go up on deck and scan the perimeter of the boat for squid. They are attracted to the spreader lights. Soon enough we spotted the first squid. Brian jigged the lure over the side while I spotlighted the squid with a flashlight. That jig must have looked yummy because the squid made a bee-line for the lure and was instantly snagged! Brian hauled up the squid, stalling just long enough over the water for the ink to miss the deck, and dropped it into a bucket. The squid's color changed from maroon to clear.

Within 45 minutes we'd added a second squid to our catch and had just enough for a nice batch of calamari.

The squid were challenging to clean because the little suction cups on their tentacles stuck fast to Brian's fingers.

Brian whipped up some tempura batter and smothered the ringlets of squid in the batter before dropping each ringlet into hot oil. Scrumptious!

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  1. From Emily on Apr 14, 2014
    so sticky - that must have felt so strange! Yum!