Split Hill

  Friday, April 25, 2014 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Split Hill, often referred to as Morgan's Crack (or Morgan´s Ass for those with a sailor´s tounge) because it is located just behind the Morgan's Head rock formation found on Santa Catalina, is a curious mountain with a large crack in the peak. We'd read in the library that Split Hill obtained it's shape when a demon fell from the sky. The demon's horns crashed into the peak, splitting the peak into two, and sending the demon's horns off in separate directions. It was said that the cockspur tree grew from beneath the demon's fallen horns. (We've knick named the cockspur tree "death tree" because it looks fierce, has sharp spikes all over it, and it has stinging ants living all over it that eat the sap from the tree.) It remains questionable whether there is an actual trail up Split Hill. When we began asking the locals some told us we needed a guide and some sent us up concrete side-streets and walks and simply said, "...just keep going." Challenge accepted! We set out with fellow cruisers, Rich (s/v Kelly Rae), and Dave & Victoria (s/v Eva Marie). We were directed by Marta, an excellent chef at Lucy's one of our favorite lunch spots, and she led us directly to a pasture and said, "Here you go, you go up!" Marta looked on as the crazy gringoes trampled off during the mid-afternoon heat. We had a lovely stroll through the cow pasture, dodging cow pies along the way. At the base of Split Hill, we scrambled up rocks that appeared to be lain out in a trail but soon scattered and bushwhacking was necessary. We dodged death trees, but I of course couldn't resist the full bushwhacking experience for a few stinging ant bites and some scratches from other sharp fauna. Up and up! At the top of Split Hill we enjoyed fabulous views of Providencia. On the back side of the mountain we found a trail which we believed to be a cow path. It involved no bushwhacking, however, and switchbacked smoothly all the way down. We ended by crawling under a barbed-wire fence across someone's backyard and back onto the the main road. Just ahead, a little stand with cold beers awaiting us!


  1. From Bill on May 02, 2014
    Awesome, you guys are inspiring! I've always wondered about Provedincia while looking at maps and why no one seems to cruise there. Looks beautiful as sounds nice.

  2. From michele on May 01, 2014
    Hi Stephanie and Brian I can not what for you guys to have your own show one day. What get adventures you are having, I love it.Love Michele