European Boat Tour

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Brian and I met Bruce in Ft. Lauderdale, FL where we began our search by looking at an Antarctic 45'. The Antarctic 45' was a beautiful boat; well maintained, well outfitted, and comfortable interior. We liked the interior layout, easy access to engine and systems, and large tankage for water and fuel. We did not like the 6'5" draft. There was limited history regarding the builder of the boat, and we disliked that the stainless fittings on deck were mounted directly to the aluminum without insulators; problematic for corrosion and would require immediate attention to be remounted correctly. (Note; I am not sharing the nitty-gritty of our likes/dislikes because that could easily fill a month's worth of posts. And really, we all want to get to the meat of the matter!) We found no other aluminum boats for sale in the United States that met our search criteria or price range. But we did not let that stop us from finding the best boat for us...onward!

To Holland!

Kathy joined us in Holland where our first stop was the town of Monnickendam. We looked at a Koopmans 45'. The Koopmas was the oldest of all the boats we looked at, but it was impeccably maintained. We liked the pilothouse on this boat. On the interior we liked the location of the head and the layout of the galley. We did not like the access to the engine and systems, small tankage for water and fuel, and very narrow fore and aft berths. The Koopmans 45', although we had arrived with high hopes, just did not "click" with us.

While in Holland, we traveled north to the town of Hindeloopen. Here we looked at a Koopmans 40'. Although we liked the interior of this Koopmans, the design of the boat was similarly narrow fore and aft which resulted once again in small berths. Koopmans was not the boat for us.

We looked at several other non-aluminum boats while in Hindeloopen. These brief tours reiterated to us that we would hold strong to our criteria.

We said goodbye to Holland...

The boat tour continued in France, where we began in the town of Arzal. Here we looked at three Ovni 435's. Wow! Everyone liked the Ovni's. We liked the interiors, large tankage for fuel and water, and access to engine and systems. The exteriors of the Ovni's, however, were all in need of paint (deck and hull). The hatches and portholes on the Ovni's leaked; most of which were already being replaced and resealed. The maintenance inside and out on the Ovni's seemed to be lacking. At Arzal, we also looked at an Alliage 44'. This Alliage had been listed for sale very recently and not in our price range. We liked the interior, access to engines and systems, hard enclosable dodger, and overall the Alliage felt like a more stout boat than the Ovni 435's. There were few dislikes on this Alliage 44' and it was a brief look due to the price tag. With a lot of new information, we took a break from the boat tour before settling into yet another chain hotel for the night.

At the town of Argeles, France we'd reached the Mediterranean!

We looked at one Ovni 435 in Argeles. This boat moved to the top of our list. Similar to the other Ovni's it required extensive exterior work, but the interior of this boat was well maintained and in this boat design it was the layout we preferred. We were making progress, but hadn't yet exhausted our possibilities.

Back on the road, we traveled to Port St Louis du Rhone where we looked at an Alliage 44' and an Alliage 41'. On the Alliage 44' we liked the access to engine and systems, ample storage space, and semi hard dodger. We did not like the high engine hours, and the need to replace sails and canvas. The Alliage 44' was well maintained but needed some sprucing. On the Alliage 41' as soon as we stepped aboard something "clicked." This boat appeared brand new; it had been very lightly used by its one owner. We liked the interior layout and ample storage space despite the smaller overall length. We liked the very low hours on the engine. We did not like that few systems had been installed; particularly the boat was in need of an alternative power source such as wind, solar, or generator.

During our week in Europe, we'd traveled through (including flight layovers and driving) five countries, met with seven brokers, and looked at 11 boats. This was not an easy decision! We were very fortunate that we had found the boat for us...the Alliage 41' in Port St Louis du Rhone. We really had saved the best for last!


  1. From Kim and Scott on Jun 23, 2014
    Yeah aluminum! Welcome to the club! Maybe our battleships can meet up someday.

  2. From Ann Landau on Jun 20, 2014
    Happy for you all!

  3. From Dennis on Jun 20, 2014
    That sounds like a fun little vacation to me. Nothing better than climbing around in boats for a few days. I am happy you found "the one" and phyched you made it to the Med at last