Fast Lane

  Wednesday, July 2, 2014 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

These days, we are living life in the fast lane! Seriously! When we haven't been flying around on airplanes, we've been driving vehicles, inthe fast lane, and we've accelerated our top speed tenfold. There is no time for kicking back with a sundowner in hand...we're busy! After our European boat search, Brian and I returned with Bruce and Kathy to our hometown of Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Ahhh...the good 'ol USofA where there are ATMs on every corner, no need to play charades every time you ask for something, and the beers are brewed with flavor. While in Honesdale, we spent quality time with our families and friends...

...and we got to work filling this truck. Since we were in the states, and we had some extra time on our hands, we offered to move furniture and miscellaneous belongings out to Brian's sister and her husband, Christy and Steve, at their new home in California.

And thus began Rode Trip's Cross-Country Road Trip.