The Loneliest Road in America

  Monday, July 14, 2014 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

This was the last day of our Cross-Country Road Trip and we'd chosen to drive U.S. Route-50 through Nevada; The Loneliest Road in America. This route was originated by the Pony Express, evident along the way by several 'Pony Express Stations' now converted into rest areas, campgrounds, and hiking trails. In the 1980's, Life Magazine dubbed U.S. Route-50 "The Loneliest Road in America." Life's article gave travelers a negative impression of the "empty" road. Nevada spun this into a positive marketing campaign and the Commission on Tourism developed Highway 50 Survival Guides and Kits made available at gas stations, hotels, and restaurants along the route. We were intrigued prior to knowing this history and wished we'd had more time to explore Nevada. There are several towns along the route, friendly people, history, wildlife, and great outdoors to explore. The Loneliest Road stretched for miles and miles...and miles and miles! On the outskirts we spotted roads leading far into the hills (not suitable for a Penske truck). This seemed like a place where cruisers could spend weeks, months even just getting to know the locals and stepping off the beaten track. The scenery was dramatic too. When we entered Nevada, green valleys sprawled along the roadsides.

Farther along Nevada became more desert-like, and soon white salt flats sprawled along the roadsides. We'd even past by a sand dune that looked like it had just been plopped down out of the sky!

We stopped at the Cold Springs Station and were the only diners that afternoon. Loneliest Road... We had a lovely chat with our waitress, who was also very familiar with road trips and shared stories from her own cross-country travels. She and her husband are working at the Cold Springs Station to once again add cash to their travel kitty. She and her husband are also avid hunters, and she shared success stories with us as we admired the local decor. The cook made me the most delicious BLT humanly possible to create. Then while Brian and I delved into our BLT and burger, the cook regaled us by recapping his favorite sci-fi movies, summarizing his book-in-progress, and sharing totally unheard of conspiracy theories. Loneliest Road...

Brian and I pushed through the remainder of our drive all the way to Concord, CA. We'd had enough of the Penske truck and did not want to chance another hotel (so far both were fabulously clean and friendly). It was time to make this delivery and see our family!