Great Boats Travel Alike

  Wednesday, August 27, 2014 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Brian and I continued to wait out a blasting northeast wind before moving once again to cross the Albermarle Sound. We'd grown quite fond of our anchorage behind Durant Island; waking when the crabbers came 'round to check their traps, watching the local Ospreys hunt, fishing for our own fresh Blue Crabs for supper, and each night watching the sun fade away behind an untouched, North Carolinian wilderness. We tuned into local radio stations to get a good does of NPR news and stories, hip-hop, and country. We were well connected to the outside world with 4G which enabled us to check emails, chat with family and friends, and do some much needed researching pertaining to outfitting the new Alliage 41 awaiting us in France. We had been moving, moving, moving! In truth, for the moment, we were enjoying our solitude prior to our return to the hustle and bustle of land.

Solitude can become quite lonesome even when sharing it with your spouse (some may argue especially when sharing it with your spouse). And so, on this particular evening as we laid out our supper buffet style in the cockpit, we were quite surprised and excited to see a sailboat in the distance moving toward us. The sight of the sailboat ignited new conversation, "It's coming straight at us," "Well, it's 5:30, must be coming over to anchor," "We should invite them for drinks," "What drinks!? We've got one beer left in the cupboard!" And so the anticipation for the new arrival built as the sailboat motored closer, and closer, and closer until Brian exclaimed, "That's a Westsail!" Sure enough, our new neighbor was another Westsail 32. Once within shouting range we heard a loud, "Helllllooooo Rode Trip! I'm SO excited you are here!" We waved and yelled back, "Hellllloooo! Welcome to our anchorage!" The Captain anchored his Westsail and without delay Brian hopped into our dinghy, which was already in the water, and dinghied over to pick up our new friend for a visit. We welcomed aboard Peter. He is also sailing northbound on s/v Onapua. Peter is just beginning his own adventures and sharing on his website:

We invited Peter to join us for dinner. As it turned out plain 'ol black beans, corn, cheese, and homemade tortillas were a tasty meal after a hard day's travel! We were honored to learn that Peter has followed our travels by reading our blog and that some of our decisions were helpful to him throughout his own sailing preparations. Brian, Peter, and I swapped sailing stories and talked technical about Westsails. Peter's enthusiasm for his newfound sailing lifestyle reminded Brian and I why we too love this lifestyle. There is a connectedness here with fellow cruisers and an appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us.


  1. From stephanie on Aug 31, 2014
    Danielle, Russ, Ian, Willow, and Girls - we so enjoyed talking with you and it was such fun to bring the kids aboard Rode Trip! What a great learning experience for everyone involved! Best of luck with your own cruising preparations; eye on the target, you'll be there in no time! The hardest part is casting off those dock lines for the first time, it's all downwind from there. It seems your son will soon be prepared to captain for you :)

  2. From Danielle Beaty on Aug 31, 2014
    Hi Brian & Stephanie! We met you today with our children (and Scouts!) at the dock at the Dismal Swamp State Park as you were headed up the ICW in NC. Thank You for being so generous with your time and home and talking with us and letting the kids climb aboard. We always love to meet sailing couples; it reaffirms our dreams for when Russ finally retires. You're right about the passion amid those who are involved in the sailing community. Part of the draw is the camaraderie! Wishing you both safe travels to France and will continue to follow your blog along the way. We will be sure to send the pics of the girls with you both from today. Cheers! ~Danielle, Russ, Ian, Willow & Girl Scout Troop 52. :)

  3. From frankandems on Aug 28, 2014
    Ah. How cool is that?

  4. From Sally on Aug 27, 2014
    That was a nice surprise visit. You never know what lives you touch with your blog. I am happy one found you today. That is exciting.